When distilled from the wood of Aquilaria trees, Oud can be turned into an essential oil that has been used in fragrances since time immemorial.

Asia Plantation Capital grows Aquilaria trees on plantations it owns. To ensure that the trees on the plantations have the best start to their lives, APC grows its own saplings, planting only the healthiest and hardiest, thereby retaining control even at the embryonic stage of the process.

Therefore, the Oud that Asia Plantation Capitals Aquilaria trees produce is of the highest quality.

The trees don’t only produce Oud oil, but also wood chips and various other offshoots that are in high demand and are used around the world in the form of incense, and even on their own for their fragrant properties.

However, wherever there are quality products, there will be imitators.

Industries have grown up around the world to ‘knock off’ superbly made branded goods, as unscrupulous people look to exploit ignorance and those with a misguided sense of ‘value for money’.

As with most things in this day and age, you get what you pay for, and in the case of Oud, there is nothing like the real thing, and never will be.

There are, however, those who try to recreate one of nature’s most precious substances in a laboratory, using technology to make synthetic oud and trying to pass it off as the genuine article.

Synthetic ouds don’t look, smell or even feel like the real thing, and those in the know will instantly recognise the differences between the fakes and the masterpieces, highlighting fragrance, consistency and colour among the many distinguishing features. Genuine Oud has depth, longevity, richness and texture that synthetic oud simply cannot even hope to emulate.

All the Oud oil emanating from Asia Plantation Capital’s plantations and distilleries is 100% pure, organic, and of the very highest quality – graded and certified by industry experts.

Genuine Oud is the real thing, occurring in nature, derived from a living entity. There is no substitute.

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