Fragrance Du Bois is a fast growing luxury brand in the high-end perfume world, and is making waves in the international market, having established itself as a major player with its original and innovative creations. Its exclusive use of 100% Natural and pure Oud oils grown on sustainable plantations managed by award winning Asia Plantation Capital, make a unique brand and able to boast “Soil to Oil to You” with true conviction.

It isn’t solely the originality of their creations that make Fragrance Du Bois products so special, but the mystical constituent element they use that has been described as the ‘fragrance of the 21st Century’ by those in the know.

All Fragrance Du Bois’ creations contain the magical substance ‘Oud’, or ‘liquid gold’ as it has been termed.

Used in cultural and religious ceremonies for thousands of years, Oud has also been revered for its extraordinary fragrance as well as its medicinal qualities.

As an oil, it is pungent and earthy, but when added to any number of ingredients that go into the making of a fragrance, it develops characteristics that both mystify and enchant.

Everyone in the perfume world right now is clamouring to get their hands on the ingredient, and Fragrance Du Bois are luckier than most – having a guaranteed supply of the highest quality, 100% pure Oud, from a sustainable source managed by Asia Plantation Capital.

This is only part of the story, as the composition of a fragrance is an almost alchemical process, often shrouded in mystery and frequently misunderstood.

Fragrance Du Bois boasts a coterie of masters at their craft, so for something truly special and unique, a bespoke, hand crafted fragrance is one of the most desirable gifts imaginable.

What these Master Perfumers – who formulate the fragrances and add their signatures to Fragrance Du Bois’ products – enjoy the most is the quality of FDB’s Oud that they are able to work with. It is guaranteed to be 100% pure, organic and of the highest quality, because they know exactly where it has come from, and exactly how it is made. Quite simply, it’s the best of the best.

Fragrance Du Bois has already established flagship boutiques in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, with several more on the horizon, and its fragrances are creating enormous interest in the multi-billion dollar industry.

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