Value to You

Value to You

By working direct with a fully supply chain integrated specialised and niche perfume house focused on working with natural ingredients without the restraints some larger companies may have we can offer a value for money solution that offers a premium quality for any new perfumes or reconstitutions of existing perfumes using 100% natural oils which are both competitive and offering exceptional qualities over synthetic substitutes.

Added Value

We can offer both " Made in England " or " Made in France " to offer further value to any brand we create raw materials for.

One stop shop solutions

For smaller brands and artisan perfumers we can offer a one stop shop service from composition right through to end product packaging and distribution including potential access to markets through our own boutiques and distribution partners in all markets.

Brand Positioning

Let us work with you to introduce you to the wonderful world of 100% sustainable and real Oud and other essential oils based perfumes , and help you keep your brand ahead of the field and stand out from the crowd.