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Our Distilleries

China Distillery

In 2014, APC entered into a joint venture with Hua Lin, China’s biggest agarwood manufacturing and trading group. The factory is part of a 200 acre agarwood plantation, and the APC steam distillation systems will be complementing the company’s wood chip and carved wood operations.

Malaysia Distillery

Based on the five years of solid research and development carried out in Thailand, the company’s first Megafactory site was strategically located in Johor, close to Singapore - one of the world’s largest trading centres for agarwood.

The purpose-built factory spanning 44,000 ft2, is located in the Seri Alam Industrial Park, and has been equipped throughout the course of 2014 with advanced steam distillation systems.

In addition, the factory will be producing 300 tons of fragrance sticks and wood chips per annum for the scented wood industry, and will in due course be home to a state of the art wood chip and fragrance stick production line.

The factory in Johor will also host APC’s research and development laboratory, and serve as a base for the production of the inoculation systems production that is such an important part of the process. A visitor centre and a wholesale factory outlet will cater to the needs of the curious and the informed alike.

The factory will process agarwood produced in Malaysia and Thailand into a wide variety of end market products.

Thailand Distillery

In 2010, APC acquired its working and operational traditional agarwood distillery in order to provide a research and development facility. The plan was to develop, improve and test systems, thereby allowing the company to complete its standard ‘soil to oil’ operational manual.

Located in Prachinburi - a two hour journey from Bangkok - the distillery is located close to many of the company’s earliest established plantations, and has been licensed and fully operational since 2006.

This has now allowed the company to develop its own modular factory systems and designs for implementation in larger factories strategically positioned around Southeast and Northern Asia, as well as the Middle East and Europe.

Our Thailand factory houses traditional high pressure distiller units - designed using our own proprietary technology - and boasts a 1,000 kg heat exchange high pressure distiller, which is the largest unit in Thailand.

Together with our wood separation and drying areas, our factory in Prachinburi represents one of the best facilities in the world for the processing of agarwood products.

India Distillery

In early 2014 APC entered into a programme to inoculate trees in Southern India owned by the Indian Agarwood Group and their thousands of Indian growers.

After successful initial trials, 2015 now sees us entering the distillation phase of this collaboration, with the installation of our proprietary distillation systems, which will be in production by September 2015.

This will allow APC and the Indian Agarwood Group to offer a range of consistent, high quality oils and wood chips to the international market place.

United Arab Emirates Distillery

APC has been established in the Gulf region since 2010, with a licensed company and office in Dubai, as well as a trade outlet under its associated brand, Fragrance Du Bois.

In the last five productive years, we have developed a unique understanding of the Middle Eastern market place, as a result of which, in 2014, we decided to establish a distillery and agarwood processing factory in the United Arab Emirates. This will allow us to produce a UAE branded range of sustainable Oud products, fully traceable to source, specifically for the local and wider Middle Eastern and African markets.

We are also currently in the process of finalising a possible joint venture to establish this facility in Abu Dhabi, where we aim to be in production by December 2015.