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An Introduction

Growing to a height of between 15 and 20 metres, and a diameter at breast height of between 40 and 50 centimetres, the Aquilaria tree that produces agarwood is found in the Mid, North and Northeastern regions of Thailand, as well as in other areas of Asia.

It can thrive in a variety of soils, including poor and sandy soil. Notably, it favours a shady environment for its first few years, before establishing itself in its habitat.

Incense wood is obtained by making incisions in the tree bark, or by peeling off the bark at intervals. ‘Injuring’ the tree in this manner, causes it to 'bleed' and infuse a gum resin throughout the wood, which in turn produces an aromatic odour when burnt.

Historically, Agarwood oil (Oud), has been used for its many medicinal qualities. It has been used as a stimulant, an astringent, an anti-inflammatory, and as a remedy for certain skin conditions. Furthermore, Oud oil aids digestion and is a treatment for halitosis. It has even been used as an aphrodisiac, and with a long trading history, has been highly valued for thousands of years.

We utilise a scientific method of production during which - at the right time in its cycle - inoculation takes place in many different areas of the tree. This develops the production of the resin and the wood chips that we harvest.

The valuable oil is extracted from the wood through a process of steam distillation and separation. Oud oil has been in great demand for hundreds of years, often trading for many thousands of US dollars per kilogramme. Agarwood is used extensively in the Middle East and Asia for religious and cultural ceremonies and personal fragrances, as well as a range of aromatic and scented products. These now include the production of the highest quality luxury perfumes.

From Soil, to oil, to you

Oud oil, a by-product of agarwood, is an extremely valuable commodity that has been prized throughout history. It is extracted from the resinous heartwood (or agarwood) of tropical Aquilaria trees.

The precious resin is the result of the tree’s natural defence mechanism when it is infected by fungus. This resin, known as Oud or agarwood, is now one of the most important ingredients in the global fragrance industry, with one out of every eight major fragrances containing Oud.

The market for fragrances continues to grow at a remarkable rate, with more than 1,200 luxury perfumes being launched each year. The global market is expected to be worth US$ 36 billion in 2017, as fragrance brands strive to find new and innovative ways to compete for greater market share.

Oud-based fragrances, with their intense smoky woodiness, are becoming a mainstay in modern perfumery, and Oud itself has become one of the key base note ingredients in many high-end fragrances around the world.

The Asia Plantation Capital Group's model is based on creating a vertically integrated business; from the management of plantations to the inoculation, harvesting, distilling and processing of agarwood inputs, into a multitude of agarwood end products, including the highly prized Oud oil.

By being at the forefront of research and development in inoculation methods, we are able to successfully infect an entire Aquilaria tree with agarwood resin.

Our impressive distillery plants, along with the technologies we have researched and developed, means that we produce Oud oil of the very highest quality. This has enabled us to successfully break into the high-end perfume market by establishing our very own luxury brand, Fragrance Du Bois.

Our story is unique. We make fragrances from the mystical Oud oil that we produce ourselves, completing the cycle that reflects our ethos; ‘from soil, to oil, to you.’


APC Distilleries strives to be the number one choice for the areas in which we do business, and we offer the most highly certified and regulatory body-approved Oud oils , wood chips and resins to the international markets.

Please register to receive a sample of our certifications pack which accompanies each production batch and is our guarantee of purity, sustainability and above all quality.


Asia Plantation Capital was a finalist for the Sustainability Pioneer Award at the Sustainable Beauty Awards 2014. The award recognised organisations that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry.

An associated company, Fragrance Du Bois, was selected as one of the finalists for The Art and Olfaction Awards 2014, in the Independent Category. This award highlights the creativity, innovation and excellence in global, independent, artisanal perfumery.

In 2014, CFI.co Magazine, conferred upon Asia Plantation Capital the coveted award of ‘Best Sustainable Asset Forestry Management Team – Global’, at its Asset Management Awards.

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