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Over the years, we have developed and patented inoculation and oil distillation techniques
that are leading the way in the industry. All of our products come from sustainable
plantations and comply with the strict guidelines laid down by CITES (Convention on
International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), ensuring the survival
of this most precious tree and its habitat.

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Seedling development is achieved through controlled pollination, using only the healthiest
and hardiest trees. This process, in turn, improves the available gene pool for new
plantings each year. Current plantations are derived from seeds originally sourced from
Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, thereby ensuring indigenous suitability.

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Aquilaria tree growth and agarwood production are both an art and a skilled science
which require specialised processes. These include inoculation techniques to stimulate
development of the resinous heartwood, and complex end-processing, to extract the highly
valuable agarwood chips and Oud oil.

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The valuable oil is extracted from the wood through a process of steam distillation and
separation. Oud oil has been in great demand for hundreds of years, often trading for many
thousands of US dollars per kilogramme. Agarwood is used extensively in the Middle East and
Asia for religious and cultural ceremonies and personal fragrances, as well as a range of
aromatic and scented products. These now include the production of the highest quality
luxury perfumes.

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Our state of the art distillery plants and proprietary technology produce Oud oil of the
very highest quality, with which we have successfully broken into the high-end perfume
market. We have established our very own brand, Fragrance Du Bois, which has a unique story
behind it, and is a shining example of a vertically integrated business model. We formulate
and create fragrances from the mystical Oud oil that we ourselves produce from the trees we
plant and grow; ‘from soil, to oil, you.’

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Welcome to APC Distilleries

We are a boutique producer of Oud Oil, wood chips, and fragrance sticks with production facilities in China, Thailand, Malaysia, India (2015), and Dubai (2015), all owned and managed by Asia Plantation Capital - one of the world’s largest sustainable agarwood plantation companies.

We combine traditional artisanal methods with the latest and most advanced technology and scientific systems - many of which are proprietary designs conceived and put in place by the Asia Plantation Capital Group.


Asia Plantation Capital Distilleries (APC Distilleries) manufactures and distributes high quality Oud oil, wood chips and fragrance sticks suitable for export and use in the international fragrance, essential oils, and pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Our onsite distillery and processing facilities are located close to our own plantations, and our international logistics expertise ensures that we have complete control over all aspects of production.

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Using traditional artisanal methods, combined with cutting edge designs and scientifically advanced product handling systems, both before and after the distillation process.


Working with artisan managers and the industry’s leading scientific advisors with more than 30 years’ combined industry experience.


All our products carry individual CITES certification, as well as technical analyses, product safety data sheets, IFRA certification, and Gas Chronometry analyses, making us the most complete supplier for all industries.


Our Scientific Advisory Board is made up of the industry’s leading academics, who in some cases have dedicated their entire professional careers to researching and advancing the sustainable agarwood industry.

Meet the project managers at our various distilleries

Each distillery is closely managed by one of our industry specialists to ensure we achieve the highest quality.

Pakamas Chetpattananondh - Special Scientific Advisor

Pakamas Chetpattananondh

Special Scientific Advisor

Dr Pakamas is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering - Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. She obtained a degree of B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering from the Prince of Songkla University, a M.Sc. in ...

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Dr. Kodi Isparan Kandasamy, PHD - Special Advisor

Dr. Kodi Isparan Kandasamy, PHD

Special Advisor

Dr Kodi is a plant biotechnologist with more than 30 years’ experience in the field of plant science, and is currently the Senior Vice President at the Business Development & Investment Division of the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation...

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Dr. Yumi Z. Has-Yun BT Hashim, PHD, FIBMS - Advisor

Dr. Yumi Z. Has-Yun BT Hashim, PHD, FIBMS


Dr. Yumi is an Associate Professor at the International Islamic University Malaysia’s Kulliyyah of Engineering, Department of Biotechnology Engineering and a Visiting Academic at the School of Biomedical Science of the Charles Sturt University...

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Thomas Schibli - Advisor

Thomas Schibli


Thomas moved to Thailand in around 2006 and established and developed his own agarwood plantations and distillery business working with a Thai partner, during this time Thomas gained a huge amount of practical experience and learned lessons...

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